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No one taught me how to be "sex positive" - I learned it through practice.  After getting out of a long term relationship wherein I thought my lack of sex was my fault, I unleashed myself into the world of kink and bdsm.  Through many sessions and encounters, I discovered a part of myself that, once experienced, brought a new dimension to my life - not just my sex life.  Among other things, BDSM taught me communication skills and how to set boundaries.  And it taught me a lot about myself.  Because it changed my life, I had a passion for sharing it with others and helping them open up to whatever sexual desires they had.  The more permission I gave myself to be sexually open and adventurous, the more I saw people (both men and women) who took my advice flourish sexually.  I didn't learn BDSM or kink from a book. I am not a professional dom/sub. I am simply a person who learned from experience and learned how to communicate that experience to others in a non-judgmental way. Once I saw the healing that can take place in someone through this practice, I couldn't help from sharing it with others.  And, lucky for me, I found a kindred kink spirit in Bella, who shares my passion for BDSM and has a wonderful way of mentoring others through their own kink journey. Together we look forward to helping you through yours.

about bella

As a sexuality doula and coach, I help people claim their personal power and their connection to pleasure. BDSM has been a big part of my life, and my coaching around kink and BDSM centers on conscious and clear intention-setting, expanding personal pleasure, and enhancing the feminine aspects of BDSM. My background is in sexual healing. I have spent the past ten years voraciously learning about plant medicine, tarot, womb wisdom, sensual sexual power, and intuitive ancient teachings. I have studied through some structured education systems as I found it necessary, such as Southern School of Natural Therapies, Bini Birth, Milc Lactation, etc, but I have always placed the most importance on books, and on intuitive energetic knowledge.