We met by chance on a kinky website and quickly discovered that we had more in common than just our shared love of kink and BDSM.

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After being stifled and unfulfilled in our sex lives we met at a time when were venturing out and exploring our kinks. We immediately connected over our shared vision of how we viewed sex and what we wanted our sex lives to be -- a sex life in which we are able to bring the same freedom, exploration, and communication we were having in our single BDSM play into a committed relationship. And what we discovered by being so open about our journey is that many people didn't know how to have what we were having with their partners and we with our new found knowledge set out together to help people reach their sexual potential with their partner.



about noah

I am no longer afraid to express my sexual desires. That wasn’t the case in my marriage unfortunately. After 9 years it ended and I made a promise to myself to make the sex life I had always dreamed of a reality and to always be up front and honest about my true desires. Looking back if I knew what I knew now, I could have had the sex life I wanted.

After almost a decade of being unsure and deprived, I made a decision to own my sexuality. That decision changed my life. I practiced this new sense of self with women I would meet. My openness about my desires created an environment where the women felt free to share their fantasies, many for the first time. Sitting here right now I honestly can’t think of a single fantasy I haven’t made come true.

Sexual exploration has been my passion for some time now and organically over the years people around me started routinely coming to me for advice. I got so much joy from helping people reach their full sexual potential that I decided to make my dream sex life into my dream occupation.

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about emily

No one taught me how to be "sex positive" - I learned it through practice.  After getting out of a long term relationship wherein I thought my lack of sex was my fault, I unleashed myself into the world of kink and bdsm.  Through many sessions and encounters, I discovered a part of myself that, once experienced, brought a new dimension to my life - not just my sex life.  Among other things, BDSM taught me communication skills and how to set boundaries.  And it taught me a lot about myself.  Because it changed my life, I had a passion for sharing it with others and helping them open up to whatever sexual desires they had.  The more permission I gave myself to be sexually open and adventurous, the more I saw people (both men and women) who took my advice flourish sexually.  I didn't learn BDSM or kink from a book. I am not a professional dom/sub. I am simply a person who learned from experience and learned how to communicate that experience to others in a non-judgmental way. Once I saw the healing that can take place in someone through this practice, I couldn't help from sharing it with others.  And, lucky for me, I found a kindred kink spirit in Noah, who shares my passion for BDSM and has a wonderful way of mentoring others through their own kink journey. Together we look forward to helping you through yours.